When Your Heart is on the Line

It’s like an old dark road
Knowing which way you’ll turn
Keeping your fast lane slow
Teasing your heart that yearns

And you can’t take lots of chances when
you’re folded blind
And your questions don’t get answered
when your heart is on the line

You see the mornin’ sun
Follow your window pane
Across the pace-worn fl oor
Catching your golden rain

You’ve got lint inside your pockets from
your wasted time
And that picture in your locket shows your
heart still on the line

So what do the eyes of wisdom see?
Is it a lost infatuation?
You’re bleeding from your bended knees
In this painful situation
For your mind…’cause your heart’s still on
the line.

So you move real slow
Hoping you’ll catch your wave
Fighting the tides below
Knowing the moon’s too brave

And you’ll wait for something different to
help you ease your mind
As you pray for your deliverance
With your heart still on the line…
Yes your heart’s still on the line.