Hole in the Roof

He’s gonna blow like dynamite
When he hears the cry of the hungry filling
the night
And there’s a lady in the alleyway
Her clothes are wet and her shoes ain’t
fittin’ her right

There was a time I think he trusted us
To keep an eye on the shop while he was
When it’s ashes, ashes, dust to dust
I think he’s gonna wonder what went wrong
Well you can say the sun will shine today
For some that’s just a hole in the roof of
the night
It’s a hole in the roof of the night

Well they’ll be there in the hallway
Without a lousy dime to call their own
They make cardboard condominiums
From all the things we live with in our

They hide behind the restaurants
They wait there in the shadows for the kill
For these priceless things we throw away
They wait there in the name of human will

Well that might be someone’s mother
Lyin’ in the gutter
Help her find the way to set things right
Fill the hole in the roof of her night
There’s a hole in the roof of her night


Hold me in the sunlight
‘Til the sun goes down on the lost and
Never see another lovin’ soul around
Daytime feels like midnight
When the sun goes down in the
Waitin’ for the dinnercan bell to sound
It’s hard to lose, hard to find
Hard to make a livin’ off a beggarman’s
Hard to choose, hard being kind, hard to
keep moving
At the end of the line
It’s all the same, the same to me
Just a burned-out bulb on a Christmas tree..