From the album American Garage


Finding Your Way Home – (inspired by the lives & deaths of Brad Delp & Bill Chinnock)

There’s a place down deep inside a man
Like a voice inside the soul
It can point you down a lonely road
You’d never want to go

It’s like a pathway through the darkness
That gets misty and unclear
And the only compass left to use
Shows lonely hopeless fear

But don’t you go…
‘Cause we’d like to share the walk as we grow old
And we’ll help you light your pathway and guide you as you go
So don’t be afraid if you’re having trouble
Finding your way home.

There’s a place called desperation
Where the lesser choice gets made
Where you feel alone and you’re not aware
Of the friendships that you’ve made

It’s when your mind feels like a speedin’ train
That’s runnin’ out of track
But you can’t slow down just long enough
To think about turnin’ back.


And I’ll bet you’ve got a friend nearby
With a Welcome at the door
Who would listen to your story
‘Cause that’s what a friend is for…

And there’s always better answers found
Than an answer found in pain
So don’t be alone
Don’t hide yourself
Don’t ever be ashamed.

There’s a place inside a happy heart
That sometimes feels the blues
There’s a place inside a healthy mind
That sometimes gets confused

There’s a lesson to be learned from those
Who chose the lonely road
There’s a message in the music left behind
That tells me so.