From the album American Garage


My Old Garage

It’s high time I cracked me a beer
And put the weed wacker back where I’ve hung it for years
I’ll raise up a can to say Cheers
To another great day on this side of the sod
It sure feels like heaven so I ought to Thank God
For giving me a home where my dog even smiles
And a place I can go to and sit for a while

Out in my space
It’s where I escape from the rat race
It’s where I can find all my things
Cuz I know where they are
Where I’m still in charge
Out here in my old garage

I built a work bench from Old Georgia Pine
I used my granddaddy’s tools daddy wore to a shine
It’s where I spend most of my spare time
Bringing things back to life that my lady through out
Like my old kegerator – you know the one I’m talkin’ about
Or my old Daisy rifle that waits to shoot back
At the can I just finished and the one I just cracked


It’s where I make my old mower start on the first pull
It’s where I finished our table with a little steel wool
It’s where I play my old guitar for man’s old best friend
Til his paws hold his ears once again…

We smell the pork chops from under the door
Soon I’ll be shuckin’ corn in a bag on the floor
But it won’t be her floor that’s indoors
Cuz it’s one of those things I can’t do in the house
Like throwin’ a football or cleanin’ a trout
At the end of the day I can dance with a broom
To an old AM station in my favorite room